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Gravestone Maker Birmingham



Monumental Masons Services

A Birmingham based company founded in 1898 for the supply of quality monuments manufactured in the finest materials to the highest standard. Requirements which we still have pride in adhering to today.


So what do we offer;

Memorial Headstones Birmingham

Choosing a memorial headstone is a lasting tribute to your loved ones and your love for them. At Harry L Marks Memorials, Each custom headstone is bespoke to their loved one.  We are expert craftsmen and BRAMM registered and more than willing to give you advice and help in your selection when choosing a Cemetery Headstone. 

Restoration Service

Cleaning with acid rather than by machine or hand will initially look similar but could cause a blooming effect. At Harry L. Marks Memorials, our trusted stone masons techniques close the pores in your marble and protect its longevity. We also offer insurance.

Additional Inscriptions

As well as specialising in Headstones for graves, we also offer assistance with existing memorials such as removing and storing them in our yard when a further interment takes place, carving additional inscriptions, renovations and restoration work and refixing to the NAMM code of working practice (National Association of Memorial Masons).

About Us

As a family owned memorial masonry firm in Birmingham, we have over a century of experience, 119 years in fact!  Our memorial masonry service has been passed down through the generations, making sure our techniques, innovations and comprehensive code of ethics have been retained throughout our long history. All of our work is produced on-site in our own custom workshops.

Establised 119 years
BRAMM Registered
Family Owned
Cemetery Headstones Birmingham
In-house Craftmanship

Our Work

We are the only stone mason in the area who sources the slab from the various quarries around the world. Has the ability to cut, shape and polish the material in house.  We also have our own time served letter carvers.


Here is how we do it;

Stone Masons

Unique Craftsmanship.

We welcome our clients to view the manufacture of their individual memorial in our factory and to discuss with the craftsman their particular requirments. We pride ourselves in being able to produce individual monuments and welcome the oportunity to assist in designing and undertaking unique commissions. Our headstones designs are bespoke the each client and their loved one.

It gets better…

At our premises we have a comprehensive show area displaying some 50 odd different memorials.

Along with our library of photographs of previous commissions we feel sure we are in a position to help you with your indvidual requirments.

Call today for more information

Our Headstones

Throughout our long history we’ve produced many varieties of gravestone or headstones for graves. We will accommodate your requests and work with you to craft the perfect memorial tribute to those who have passed away. We’ve lovingly crafted dual headstones for husbands and wives to ornate, statuesque memorials and simpler, traditional rectangular style headstones.

Take a closer look;

Our History

We were founded just before the turn of the 20th century and have an enormous wealth of masonry experience behind us as a result. The profundity of memorial masonry is something we’ve always taken with the utmost sincerity, we understand what headstones represent and understand that their longevity is extremely important.

Founded in 1898
An un-rivalled local history in this industry
119 Years of Experience
The quality and standard of our work has never changed
Cemetery Headstones Birmingham
2017 Current Premises
Come in and see us to talk about how we can help



How much are cemetery headstones?

Not all memorials are the same, the cost is determined by material chosen, design, finish and lettering style and content. As a manufacturer we can offer memorials to meet all tastes and requirements, like for like we are very competitive. We will not however get into a price war as we are not prepared to manufacture a memorial to a price at the expense of quality. Please contact us on 0121 444 1840 and we will be more than happy to provide an accurate quotation.

How long do Headstones for graves take to make?

All memorials must be submitted to the relevant authority for approval. This can be as quick as by return of post or in some instances several weeks. Being a manufacturer with a large stock of raw materials we are in a position to be able to supply memorials far quicker than our competitors who are generally factors for outside companies.

How do you efficiently clean a memorial headstone?

The cleaning of memorials should be determined by the material it is made from. Marble and the softer stones should be cleaned by machining down to a new level off stone, which along with cleaning the material would also deal the pores and in doing so retard deterioration. The common use of excessive aside or cleaning substances actually destroys the stone. All repairing or re-fixing work we carry out to the National Association of Memorial Masons code of working practice.

How are cemetery monuments made?

Firstly, we obtain the material from quarries or mills around the world. When choosing Harry L Marks you can be assured that your memorial will be supplied by out own craftsmen with many years of experience. 

We have our own 4 metre saw which can cut the raw slabs up to a thickness of 200mm. It can then be shaped and polished on our Jinny Lind. Once prepared it will go into one of our lettering shops for hand carving of the inscription, alternatively it could be inscribed on our state of the art computer assisted lettering machine. Any ornament would generally be hand etched onto the memorial at this time. After lettering the memorial would be prepared for installation in the cemetery.

Call today for more information

Contact Us

If you like any of the memorials shown or would like a brochure please don’t hesitate to phone us or send us some details and we will gladly help you out.


Cemetery Works, Woodthorpe Road

Brandwood End, Kings Heath

Birmingham, B14 6EH



Phone:    0121 444 1840

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